Altrusa International is a non-profit, international organization that strives to make the world a better place one community at a time. We have been providing wonderful service, leadership, and partnership since 1917 and we are still going strong. We are a community-oriented organization and we continue to help individual and places grow through our volunteer work. With Altrusa International, we are devoted to creating warm, inviting communities in which children and adults can grow and develop at their own pace, as we recognize that people need to feel positive about their self-image and their place in this world.

To nurture those we help, we focus on providing several developmental programs, including literacy, HIV/AIDS, and disaster relief. We operate our organization with the safety, health, and educational development of everyone in mind. We want people to feel like Altrusa International is a place where they are able to learn, laugh, and feel good about themselves by helping others. Through altruism, which means to give selflessly, we watch individuals grow academically, and we will also guide them to grow socially.

Our goal is to provide an environment where people know that they are loved and nourished. We also believe in adjusting our project for a particular country or region, if necessary, to accommodate their customs, beliefs, and needs. This is why we invite all prospective volunteers to come visit us at one of our local clubs or visit our website/blog. This way, you can see what we are all about, the work we do, as well as what we have to offer.

We want everyone who comes to us to find a place where they can learn, be social, and meet new friends along the way. If you’re looking for an organization where you can grow and help others along the way, choose Altrusa International.

With our international, non-profit, our objective is to create an encouraging environment for each child and adult to grow and develop at his or her own pace. We work hard to foster a safe community where each child can learn, grow, and have fun. We provide a balanced approach to learning, which in turn, gives people a peace of mind that they are in a place where he or she will feel secure and protected.

Altrusa provides a safe, protective community where people’s needs are met (clothing and food) and they can begin to discover the world around them. With us, we give adults and children all the support they need to form a strong foundation to have a fulfilled life. Our volunteers learn through helping others, and we also have programs where individuals can develop skills that will serve as building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

We invite you to set up an initial visit with your local Altrusa club. At this time, you can meet with our volunteers and see and hear what we have to offer. We can meet you, which gives us a chance to get to know each other better and see if we all will be a good fit for one another

Note:  This website is no longer currently owned and operated by Altrusa District 11.  You can reach out to them here.

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